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Making a new page of "DonationCoder's Favorite Web Sites" - suggestions?

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We used to have a page that we tried to keep updated, recommending some of the best sites on the web in different categories, and we used to give out awards to our "favorite" sites. I think it's time we brought back some version of that.

Note that I put "our" in quotes because I don't have in mind a really systematic way to choose these.  Thought I'd start with some that I think are kindred spirits to DC and go from there.  I'd be happy to hear recommendations, either posted on this thread or by email ([email protected]).

The new page of favorites is now online and you can view it: HERE.

Now I'd like to invite some suggestions for sites to include. What I'm looking for sites that are active (i.e. new content weekly), and deserve some recognition, and that you would include on a list of favorite websites to visit regularly. The first sites that come immediately to mind are ones like: TechSupportAlert, Ghacks, dottech, freewaregenius, etc.

I have used almost daily for years Sourceforge, MajorGeeks, FileHippo and others such as (down today, oh no  :tellme:)
Best Regards

Techdirt - staying on top of issues affecting us all.

Started in 1997 by Floor64 founder Mike Masnick and then growing into a group blogging effort, the Techdirt blog uses a proven economic framework to analyze and offer insight into news stories about changes in government policy, technology and legal issues that affect companies ability to innovate and grow.

The dynamic and interactive community of Techdirt readers often comment on the addictive quality of the content on the site, a feeling supported by the blog’s ~800,000 RSS subscribers, 45,000+ posts, 600,000+ comments and a consistent Technorati Technology Top 100 rating. Both Business Week and Forbes have awarded Techdirt with Best of the Web thought leader awards.
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HowtoForge - how to do it (in detail) with Linux


Quiet Earth - The self-styled "UHF of the film world" (assuming you're old enough to remember UHF television stations and get the joke. :mrgreen:) One of the best review and news sites for movies you'd probably rather not admit you're into.


Freecode Releases - looking for software?

Freecode maintains the Web's largest index of Linux, Unix and cross-platform software, and mobile applications. Thousands of applications, which are preferably released under an open source license, are meticulously cataloged in the Freecode database, and links to new applications are added daily. Each entry provides a description of the software, links to download it and to obtain more information, and a history of the project's releases, so readers can keep up-to-date on the latest developments.

Freecode is the first stop for Linux users hunting for the software they need for work or play. It is continuously updated with the latest developments from the "release early, release often" community. In addition to providing news on new releases, Freecode offers a variety of original content on technical, political, and social aspects of software and programming, written by both Freecode readers and Free Software luminaries. The comment board attached to each page serves as a home for spirited discussion, bug reports, and technical support. An essential resource for serious developers, Freecode makes it possible to keep up on who's doing what, and what everyone else thinks of it.

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Nerds in Babeland - "We're nerds. We're babes. Get into it." Good source for news and upcoming releases fo all the geeky lit, comix, and graphic novels we're not supposed to be still be reading and enjoying at our age.

Have a love of scifi, comics, novels, comedy, design, movies, online communities, tech, or crafts? So do we! In fact, everyone geeks out about something!

 Here on NiB, you can rely on news, reviews, and updates from nerdy chicks that love what they write about. We started as a group of girls on an online community called The Node that wanted to talk about our fandoms. From a novel idea and an effort to make it happen, we’ve brought in a fantastic group of girls that want to do just that. We’re the ladies you see at cons (maybe in cosplay, or maybe getting a comic signed), played games with online, and probably talked to on that random Fringe forum that one time. We love our hobbies, and want nothing more than to share them with others.

So sit back, and let us tell you about some great new things that are coming out, or take you on a trip down memory lane to your favorite childhood movies...
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Aeclectic Tarot - are you into Tarot and other oracle card decks either as a collector, practitioner, or true believer? If so, Aeclectic Tarot is THE site for news, reviews, essays, and preview images for just about every tarot and oracle deck out there, including unpublished, limited edition collectible and rare decks.


And...I better stop now. There are just so many really interesting and cool sites out there. ;D

Freeware Guide!  :Thmbsup:

Any recommendation for hardware?
- I mean with reviews, etc.


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