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Practice makes perfect - swat team tactics used to check water quality


You just can't make these stories up folks!

From Techdirt (who else?)

Regulatory Agencies Sending Armed Squads To Check Water Quality, 'Rescue' Baby Deer
from the when-all-you-have-is-a-bunch-of-armed-officers... dept

It seems as if nearly every police department, no matter how small or unthreatened by criminal activity, wants to outfit their officers with military-grade equipment (something the DHS is only to happy to help with -- provided someone invokes the codeword "terrorism" at some point during the requisition). The outcome is inevitable, tragic and more than a little ridiculous. Local SWAT teams are now rolling up on suburban lawns like they're storming Normandy, executing no-knock warrants in the dead of night to unverified addresses. Some occasions result in little more than completely freaked-out citizens. Others end in death and injury. Sometimes it's just the family dog that takes a bullet. Other times, it's innocent civilians.

But this militarization goes even further than various police departments. It also permeates other government agencies, agencies that really shouldn't be utilizing heavily-armed SWAT teams to enforce regulatory policies. It's not as if anyone should be expecting the kind of resistance these teams are armed for -- at least not in these situations.

This is the bold new face of American enforcement -- squads of armed men sent on a life-or-death mission to… check water quality...

--- End quote ---

Give a baby a hammer - and it soon discovers everything is a nail.

Give a young cop a ninja suit and an assault rifle and everything soon turns into an outtake from a Die Hard movie.


Just what are they really practicing all these storm trooper tactics for?


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