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Worth Reading: Trevor Pott's editorial on NSA PRISM and its real ramifications

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Presented without further comment...

Members of Congress denied access to basic information about NSA-wraith808 (August 04, 2013, 12:25 PM)
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So, are we truly to believe that congressional claim that they too are victims of larger darker forces ... Or do we continue to assume, that they too, are simply lying to us. Neither option is at all good.

Lesser of evils indeed.
-Stoic Joker (August 04, 2013, 01:19 PM)
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Well, there's sort of a way to solve that -
There's *lots* of congresspeople. To borrow a little from Rainman, "Lots and lots of them".
What I find less believable is whether *every single one of them* is that completely down Alice's Rabbit Hole.

So then you get any seven that you *really trust* out of some 530 to submit the requests and see the results. Either they will indeed be blocked, "confirming the nasty option", or they get magically allowed, "casting doubt on the first two".

All this *was* very far under the radar even a couple of years ago, so the fact that Spin Docs are trying this hard to hold it all together is a good thing, because it's causing cognitive dissonance tension that's harder to maintain.

It's giving a new political angle to any maverick congressperson who feels they don't have "much to lose" to be a semi-sacrificial offering, saying "who cares if I don't get re-elected, my time in the media can never be erased".


  It's Congress the made the laws the way they are and allowed the NSA to get away with all their secrecy.  No one to blame but themselves, and no hiding from the facts either....

^^ I thought the point was for them to hide the facts from everyone? ;D

Some levity and fun on the topic:

7 Things Edward Snowden Should Do in Russia

A worthy read:


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