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Gmail pictures

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If your using Opera,chances are it's not working cause google services and Opera don't get along very well. -tinyvillager (May 21, 2006, 10:00 AM)
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Not anymore ;)
The new opera 9.0 beta already has support for gmail, just as if it was ie :D

Very cool,thanks for update,i only checked out maybe two releases of 9 a couple of weeks back and decided just to wait for final.I'm betting the final 9 release will be a very solid package.

/sidenote does anyone have 9 release working with Yahoo's "redesign"
Version 8.54 is a no go.Not that i'm crying out for yahoo or anything.

Even after tinyvillager tried to explain, it is still unclear to me.

For the sake of argument let's assume the following:
I upload my picture to gmail. I ahve several friends using various email services. Now we could have these situations: recipient has/uses:
* gmail web interface
* gmail, using pop3
* any other email account with or without web interface

For each of these three cases, does the recipient see my picture; and if so how did it arrive on his PC?

When you upload your images make sure your using gmail settings tab.
You can't use various email services,only works inside of gmail's web page.Everyone involved has to be
gmail subscribers,i think :huh:,you might be able to pin your own images to contacts.

here are some screencaps...


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