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greyscale + negative for Auto Print

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Forgot about that feature -- on the scanner toolbar it is.

Can that option be used with auto print?

Option now available in the newly uploaded beta.
Download here:

I tried the beta and the invert colors thing works great!  My only issue is that the print margins are stored somewhere different?  I opened the ini file to see why I had 1 inch margins all around the printed screenshot.  The margin entries in the ini file were all blank.  I set the print margins to .3 all the way around.  I logged off, and then back on.  The print margins in the program were still set to .3, but the ini file shows blank for the margins.  Where are the settings stored now?

Glad the inverted colors are working.

I think the old print settings used to be called "printop_" and you may still see those in the ini file; the new print settings are in the ini file under "EditStreamedPrintSettings" and should be non-blank.


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