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greyscale + negative for Auto Print

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Glad the inverted colors are working.

I think the old print settings used to be called "printop_" and you may still see those in the ini file; the new print settings are in the ini file under "EditStreamedPrintSettings" and should be non-blank.
-mouser (September 10, 2013, 02:43 PM)
--- End quote ---

I believe I see the settings you are referring to.  Are these the settings and can you give me any insight as to what they mean?

--- ---EditStreamedPrintSettings.Text="PRSETv1:000000000000F03F000000000000F03F000000000000F03F000000000000F03F0401000000000000F0BF000000000000F0BF000000000000F03F0004000000050000009A9999999999B93F01010000000000000000"

Yes and no  ;D

They are stored in some internal format that is not readily parsable, at least by me.

Thanks for all the hard work getting the inverted colors working, and now I know which ini lines define the print margins in the program.   :)

For auto-print do you use the post-capture dialogue?
Is there any way to print an image @ 100% - I have to ask myself what is 100% when converted to a page, and I'm not sure.
But this is what I get when I use the post-capture dialogue and choose "Normal" (*not* 'Fit to page' or 'Stretch to page'):

NB: the height of the white area there is A4 width (210mm - I got it very roughly that size on screen here) - (the page is landscape format)
The original image is this size:

But the main point is that it's definitely been enlarged a lot - enlarged to page size.
I believe this is related to the behaviour when creating PDF's using a scanner - images are also enlarged to page size as oppoised to keeping actual measurement. See here for more details.
With the screenshot, as said, I'm not sure what 'actual' measurement is when printed ...

I use the fit to page option, and I have set the margins down to .3 all the way around.  This way a screenshot gets autoprinted, inverse colored, and fills the letter sized paper I am printing to.  I use screenshot captor to also capture images to disk sometimes for making screenshots that get inserted into documentation, but that could probably be done with the snipping tool for all I use it for.  Sorry, can't be of help.


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