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FLASH HELP ! Stuck inside and cant get out

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To those who know how, this is going to sound like a stupid question.  I have a website that is written in all html with a little JS.
A decision was made to toss in a FLASH section that displays photos.  I was able to get this done with the appropriate software.
The problem is, I cannot for the life of me figure out what to do to STOP the movie.  Once the viewer enters
that flash photo room, they can shift between albums of photos but nothing I have tried allows them to exit
back to the website.  I have been able to kill the whole thing but no graceful exit back to the page they
entered from.
The entry is via  <a href> to the proper "flash.html" file.  Once in there, everything works fine (I guess) at least it looks like I want it to.
But I know nothing about Flash in general.  I have tried editing the flash.html section and gotten nowhere.  <a href> back to index.html wont work
as it usually does from other pages.  I understand that inside the "Flash world" there are different rules and fs:command (quit)   Maybe?  I don't know why the people who made the software that created the flash module did
not say upfront "some experience required"  :)  .  I need to give my viewer the option to exit is all and it needs to exit back to index.html.
PS:  I am NOT a Flash programmer :)  Thanks for any help

If you are able to give the link it might be helpful.

I can try.  Currently it is only hosted locally.  I will put it up on GoDaddy and see if I can get it to work there.  Then send you a link


the g6.html file cannot attach due to restrictions so I zipped

Well!  I have no idea why but  while it still doesn't get he where I want to go, I am getting  different reaction.

First,  the address I should have out is

That gets you into the main page.  then as I said the Navigation bar at the top says Gallery.  this activates G6.HTML which I sent  zipped copy of.
 My last effort was a line that used the word HOME so that is the linked exit.  And for some reason it now does something.  it does not exit but it does give me hope  :-\

as it recognizes that I told it to do something.  <a href ="..index.html"<Home</a> is the format I used

I may need to modify that command but this is the first time it even acknowledged that there was a command.  If the click were to go back up one directory to the root, then run the Index.HTML that would fix it


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