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[Feature Request] Encryption? Password Protection?

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I just breezed through the Options, but didn't see an option for encryption.

I know that this is far from a trivial task, so I don't ask lightly.

Would it be possible/feasible to add in database encryption with password and key file protection?

When I look at CHS and see my uber-mega-awesome super-silly-long passwords there, I can see that I have a gaping hole in my security. I realize that admin privileges and the like can allow access to the file/database, but when they're in clear text or if the program doesn't require authentication, I've got an issue.

If it's beyond the scope of what you're looking to do with CHS, then that's fine. I just need to change my behaviour there.

To phrase it slightly differently, could it be friendlier for password management programs like Keepass?

If it's already in there - sorry, I just missed it.

(I did see the option to ignore programs, which I have used.)

I know it's not what you asked, but I use KeePass, and use CHS's "ignore" feature to ignore clips coming from KeePass.  So that's two programs not one, but helps security a bit.

It's a very good question, but i'm afraid rj has the most practical answer.

Which is that trying to add protection and encryption into CHS would not be easy, and would never be all that secure.

I may look into ways i can make the database on disk somewhat encrypted from naive eyes, the bottom line is that CHS is never going to be truly high security.

So, as rjbull describes, the best solution is to use a proper password utility, and instruct CHS to NEVER COPY text placed on the clipboard from such an app.

See also this thread:

It describes how CHS will ignore text that is placed onto the clipboard and tagged with an "IgnoreClip" security tag.

Yeah, I was guessing that it might be more trouble than it's worth.

I've already got some other programs on "ignore" in the Options there.


If you tell Clipboard H+S to ignore your browser (where you are pasting all kinds of passwords and user names) it then ignores everything you copy or paste into your browser beyond user names and passwords - this is not a solution.  A simple application password required to start Clipboard H+S would be adequate in keeping most snoops out - having no security lets anyone in.


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