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Life after Cliptrakker

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Ok, several weeks since I migrated to CHS, I am really loving it.
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glad to hear it!

Any time I make an addition or change to a clip in the bottom pane, it does not require "saving" the clip, the change just goes in without any additional moves by me. Is that by design?
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that is by design, though i can understand why it might give one pause.. Ctrl+Z does work within that memo/edit box, but only while you are in it, not if you change clips and come back.

it doesn't have to be that way -- it might be nice to have an option to let you switch to an explicit save required mode of operation.  my basic thinking was that editing clips was going to be rare enough that it didn't really matter, but it's something to think about.

Last, when I am switching from an app such as vBulletin or Word, and CHS, it seems that CHS does not return in the place where I was working. For example: if I am C&Ping from part of a clip in the bottom pane, when I go to Word and paste it, then back to CHS, sometimes I am no longer in that part of the clip, or even the same clip.
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you should stay on that clip, UNLESS a new clip is captured, in which case CHS is want to switch to the new clip..

however, i think CHS does make one mistake, which is that if you are not in the NEW group, when a new clip is captured it will still go to the end of the clip list in whatever group you were in, which is pointless.

can you confirm this is the behavior you are talking about?  if so, i'll put an item on my todo list about fixing that.

Hi, sorry about the delay in responding.

I routinely make edits to saved clips, adding material and often editing existing clips. For example, I have a clip called "Member comments" where I add the occasional comment from members of the site that I can use at the end of the year in our Christmas message. So, when I see a new comment on the forum, I will copy it and paste it into the clip.

I will try to make notes and test the copy and paste characteristics, see if I can describe it better.

BTW, there appears to be a limit to how much data a clip can hold, is that a setting I can adjust?



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