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Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch


Woohoo! I can talk about this now as it's out in the public! :D

Samsung is set to launch its much anticipated smartwatch on Wednesday, marking a major milestone in the emerging product category amid concerns that the smartphone market has reached its peak.

The watch, thought to be called "Galaxy Gear," is expected to be revealed at IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) - a global innovations show in Berlin - on Wednesday evening. A report in the Korean Times, which cited comments from a senior Samsung executive, boosted hopes of the launch, but event organizers would not confirm the release, stating only that the presentation should "not be missed."

It will be the first smartwatch release from one of the world's top two smartphone manufacturers, in a new but blossoming product category that is currently dominated by unknown startup firms. A smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch with functionality beyond simple timekeeping and Samsung's device is expected to be an accompaniment to a smartphone, rather than a standalone device with its own sim card.
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