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How to enable NAT Loopback on ZyXEL C1000Z router?

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Hi folks,

I recently got a new ZyXEL C1000Z DSL router (provided by my new ISP--I didn't get a choice) which unfortunately doesn't have NAT Loopbackw enabled by default. Through some Googling I've found reports that it is possible to enable NAT Loopback on the router, but so far I've failed to find any instructions that actually work. Can any of you fine folks with better Googlefu skills than me find a solution?

The reason why I want this feature enabled is so that I can use a service such as DynDNS to automatically update my IP address, then I can just type something like to get my IP from anywhere. This is also helpful to connect to my own computer even on my LAN for multiplayer games--but this where the IP loopback is required. With it disabled, the router does not allow to resolve to the router's (ISP's) IP address.

Any help or suggestions?


On my old Zyxel P660 you had to telnet into the router and enter: ip nat loopback on

This is only saved until the router reboots, so you have to edit a file, (whose name escapes me atm), to have it done at every power on.  I'll check through my old files and see if I can dig the filename out.

Here we go:

sys edit

And add the ip nat loopback on to the end of it.

Of course, if your ISP hasn't given you the password to access telnet, or disabled it somehow - you're screwed.

Thanks. I've seen similar instructions before, but they don't seem to work on the C1000Z.

Here's what I get:

Here are some more links (thanks Lanux128!) with similar instructions which also don't seem to help me. )c:

You might be interested in this:

Here's another page that might help:


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