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New Program Idea: Cheat Sheeter

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I'm not sure if this is dead or not, but if it isn't, here is how I see it coming out at the end (infinitely customizable of course).

Also, found a good source for advanced shortcuts:

Long time back I downloaded a software called "Accelerator & Shortcut Show". It seemed to do the same thing as the proposed Cheat Sheeter (maybe not so ambitious). I didn't use the software much. I could not find it in the website I downloaded earlier from (, maybe a Google search might yield something. I still got the software, if you could not download it from anywhere please send me a message and I will email it to you.

very nice mockup dlagesse1992!

Thanks Mouser.

Any chance you can get the link to the "super early alpha" working?

I'd like to see at least what you have.

If there is Visual Studio, no cheat-sheat needed.  ;D

Intellisence & auto-complition is the best user experiance


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