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New Program Idea: Cheat Sheeter

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I for 1 IMHO happen to like the name "Cheat Sheeter".  It has become much more than just a hotkey displayer, but it also would even help someone who wants to remember the hotkeys, walk-thrus, CHEAT codes, etc. in a game.  My sons & daughters would probably use it if they could put all of their games info. into 1 place & display it on demand.

But if change the name you must (yoda talking here), then what about "InfoAdviser", or "I. Advise" (for information advise). 

The mention of my sons & daughters brought to mind another thing you might want to think about for CS.  That is to have user profiles.  This would allow for different sets of favorites & notes.  This could be done by checking the user id.


i too was thinking it would be smart to build in support for user profiles.

I've got this solved with shortcuts and the WinKey - R shortcut.
It allows me to do WK-R ie Enter to open internet explorer with
Or the most used one WK-R gt <search term> Enter to google for the <search term>(gt = Google This)

If I forget what the shortcut is I have made two scripts to look it up:
WK-R find <program> Enter: Lists shortcuts for <program>
WK-R hlp (Help is taken by windows...) Opens ie with a list over all the shortcuts with description.
I've got tons of neat shortcuts and vbscripts, current shortcut count is 220.

The best thing is that adding a new shortcut is as simple as creating a shortcut in a predefined folder.

I'll polish my shortcuts and scripts and zip it and post it here in a more decent hour, now I'm heading off to bed.

WK-R lo   (log off ;))

Ove B-)

sounds cool ovehal, i look forward to hearing more about your system;
sounds like the kind of things that it might be useful to implement in find+run robot.

i'm looking for small clipart images of keys, for use in making hotkey lists.
images like this:

if anybody finds any, let me know.


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