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New Program Idea: Cheat Sheeter

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in case i wasnt clear, im agreeing to set it up exactly as you say, with the additional option that you will be able to dock the main info window into the toolbar if you so desire.

Great! :) :up:  But do you mean toolbar (the area just under the menu bar inside the app.), the TASKbar at the bottom of the screen, a toolbar placed on 1 of the edges of the screen, or the TITLE bar which is the top bar of the window that usually states the name of the program that is running?  I see the toolbar inside the active program as a MUCH more difficult endeavor to encode.  It would mean integrating CS with the running prog. in some way, and dis-integrating itself from the inactivated program when focus is changed & integrating itself into the newly activated program in an extremely quick manner.  I think that CS would use too much CPU time & resources to accomplish this.

Whereas, attaching CS to the title bar is just CS keeping track of where on the screen (& how big) the active window is & placing itself (& keeping itself) over the top of the titlebar.

My view is to keep CS in the TITLE of the active window just to the left of the 3 control buttons.  This is an obvious place & I've seen a clock that does this.  Its out of the way of anything the active program might be doing, its as visible as a tool/taskbar, it would use up less CPU resources, wouldn't take nearly as much time for CS to put itself into the next titlebar, and its easier to code.

If I'm preaching to the choir, or talking too much, just tell me to cool my skids. ;)


 :-[  After posting the last entry & THEN rereading the last few entries, I realized that you had agreed with everything I said & I was being anal.  Excuse my last post.  How do I delete something I've already posted so I can avoid being embarrased like this next time. :-[


no no, your idea is new, the idea of a "caption button"

i was actually thinking of it being in tray and not on screen until called up by a hotkey, or alse a bar docked to the side of a screen when you want help info constantly on screen but not overlapping other windows, BUT
your idea of a "caption button", in the window titlebars is a great one, especially since you could use a differrent color or something to indicate when there is a cheat sheet available for that app.  really nice idea.
also opens up other bonus things that could be put inside such a button; the menu for the cheat sheets could be put in there too, really nice idea.
ill add the first major functions first - and we can add this idea of captionbar button later.  definitely something that should be done.  nice idea.

i'm working on this and hope to have an early alpha to test and let people make some "cheat sheets" by monday.

there are just so many things that can be added to this app that i think we are going to have a lot of fun with it - maybe even some contests/prizes for people who make good sheets to share.

it's definitely expanded from just provided a quick list of hotkeys to a way you can get various info, like hotkeys, or a page of urls that could be relevant (links to forums, both official and not, movies, howtos, etc.)

i think it needs a new, more friendly name.  any ideas?

i was thinking something with the word "Advisor" in it maybe...

like "Friendly Advisor" or "Application Advisor"


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