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Screenshot Capture Benefits

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SC is really a treasure that keeps unfolding.
The closer you look the more is found that it can do.

Like you barney, I found SC a long time ago.
Back then there were not many capture programs.
I can't remember sometimes.

I like the degree of customization that Screenshot Captor provides.  I'm willing to spend a couple of minutes digging to find out how to do what I want to do with it...but that's only necessary when I want to either change my workflow--or work on a task that is different than I've used SSC for in the past.

The bare-bones version of the quick-capture bar takes up only a pixel or two on the top of my screen when hidden.  With its intuitive icons, it gives quick access to the capture modes, settings, and main window when I'm ready to take a screenshot.

And I like the way and the community in which SSC is developed.

The more I use ScreenshotCaptor, the more I like it... and the more new (to me) things I discover about it.

mouser is ever the gentleman when fielding requests, as well as a skilled and inventive programmer.

For what more could one ask?


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