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Turn off INI backups

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i am using the latest version 4.6 beta and i am wondering if it is possible to turn off SC's auto-backing-ups of the INI files. thanks.

You mean just the case where it creates a single .bak file of the ini?  Why would you want to disable that?

i have had instances where the newer ini files have been overwritten by the backup. i have no idea why this happens but the default ini goes missing replaced by the older ini.

i'm not sure what you are saying -- but it seems like you are describing a bug that needs to be fixed -- rather than describing a need to turn off backups.
can you maybe try to describe a bit more what you think happens wrong?

the whole thing is quite random but normally it happens upon startup. one of the telltale sign is the screenshot folder would be changed to a folder within the SC folder, instead of the custom one that i had chosen previously. i'd be more than happy to provide my INI file, if that would help.


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