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Review of Zeus Edit

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Thank you for the very nice and thorough review, wraith808 :-*.

And thanks to Jussi for taking the time to comment in this thread :Thmbsup:.

Do you have any insight on how Zeus Edit compares to UEStudio?

I've updated the OP with links to comparisons- one of SlickEdit vs. UltraEdit and one from the Zeus forums on ZeusEdit vs UltraEdit vs Editpad Pro.  I haven't used UltraEdit in years; I'm not sure how much it has changed with UEStudio, but it wasn't in the same caliber when I used it.

Ok, yet another editor which looks quite alot like Textmate (OSX) to me (well, alot of editors looks like each other so this is irrelevant point anyway)... what are main benefits in this editor compared to Sublime Editor ( which is gaining heavily popularity among coders.

Well, you've seen the review of Zeus.  What in Sublime did I not cover?  I've used Sublime Editor before in a limited fashion (I've also used TextMate) and I just don't see the comparison. They look like totally different approaches, so I don't even know how to compare them.

Jussi Jumppanen:
They look like totally different approaches
--- End quote ---
I'd agree with this assessment.

I've not used Sublime or TextMate but from what I read they use more of a plug-in approach to configuration. To add a feature you download and install a plug-in.

Zeus does not use that approach, but instead provides an editor that can be configured by the user. As such it uses an approach more similar to editors like Vim, EMACS, SlickEdit etc.

As to which approach is best, that is another discussion ;)

Zeus has always be designed as an alternative to Visual Studio and as such it has many Visual Studio like features (i.e. project/workspace, project make, compile, class browser, source control integration etc). In that sense Zeus is more of an IDE than an editor.

Now I suspect Sublime might offer those IDE like features via plug-in (I don't know) but as your review shows, Zeus has those features pretty much out of the box.


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