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Added section on Daily Use Experience

Jussi Jumppanen:
On a hunch, I do the same thing- add to SCC, cancel... and the information appears.  Not the most intuitive, but it works.
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I have to admit the Zeus SCC is a bit confusing and it can probably do with some improvements.

There is no option for automatic check out on edit, but as that has been requested a few times I guess it might need such an option. Something for a future version.

To add some clarity this is how it should work here is a quick overview.

Initial SCC Setup
Zeus will work with any SCC version control so the first thing that needs to be done is for that to be setup.

That is done at the editor level using the Options, Editor Options menu, Source Control panel where you select and enable the source control.

Binding a Workspace to SCC
To use the source control the projects inside the workspace need to be bound to the source control.

The binding details are stored in the Workspace, Source Control, Options menu.

There you will find the Project Name, Aux Path and Local Path, an option to enable source control and a Run Setup Utility button.

Since you imported a Visual Studio solution that already contained version control bindings, that process should have already filled in these details.

When there are no binding details it is best use the Run Setup Utility as that will let you browse the source control looking for a suitable project.

Looking at the source control error message you posted I can see the AUX Path is empty which is why the connection the to source control failed.

However, those binding details should have been available as they should have come in when the project was imported?

It looks like this may well be some sort of incorrect state bug and by this I mean, because the project was newly imported it was not quite in the correct state.

By doing your work around that fixed up the issue buy fixing up the state of the project, but I suspect if you had closed and reopened the project that too would have probably worked?

I add a file to the project in the workspace, and it's not added to the project in Visual Studio
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Yes, Zeus will never touch any Visual Studio files.

However, if you had added the project inside Visual Studio, there is an option to update the Workspace inside of Zeus and the workspace is automatically updated the next time it is opened.

It probably should also do that check for update whenever it is re-activated. Another something for a future version.

I ran into a problem with ctags when there were icons included in the project.
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I'll look into this.

As you suggest, it looks like xtags/ctags might have run into trouble processing the icon file.

That message box dates a long time to when the user had to manually configure the PATH and as that is no longer required I suspect the dialog can be removed.

it wasn't perfect.
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Zeus is certainly not perfect and there are always things that can be done to make it better.

The next version will no longer have that xtags message, so that in itself will be a small but nice improvement :)

it wasn't perfect.
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Zeus is certainly not perfect and there are always things that can be done to make it better.
-Jussi Jumppanen (September 13, 2013, 08:07 PM)
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I wanted to take this time to note that having an active developer that listens to the user-base actually outweighs anything that I've found, and development is definitely more productive using your product. :)

Added conclusions, comparison, and final rating.

Jussi Jumppanen:
the ability to beautify code (though I'm sure I could integrate a third party tool to do that.
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Yes, it is possible to beautify code inside Zeus via a macro and a third party tool.

An example of how to do this can be found in the astyle.lua Lua macro.
To see how that macro works open a test C# file and located in the Macros panel or menu you will find an option to re-indent and re-style the current file.

Thanks for writing this review, I've very much enjoyed reading it :Thmbsup:

It's always good to get a user's perspective of Zeus as it shows where the software can be improved.


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