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scan a folder and subfolders for compressed files....

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scan a folder and subfolders for compressed files....

and uncompressed found .rar , .zip , .7z, etc
in the same folder that are found

Best Regards


what file manager do you use?

Finally windows explorer under or in windows 7-64.  With Filebox eXtender and some other utilities as Ewemoa, Miguel, Miles, and a large list from Donation coder .
Sometimes I use FreeCommander.

Are you thinking in .........
I remember a super program. ... Very good indeed. But my memory. I don¡t remember

I was going to suggest any file manager that will give you a "flat" view - i.e. in one pane it will show you all files in a folder *and* all it's sub-folders.
Then sort by filetype.
In Directory Opus you can then filter the files - probably in other managers too.

But why dont you simply use some quality search programme? e.g. XYplorer does both - possible that the last free version will do flat view as well but I dont know (I think in XY it's called something else)

best of luck ;-)

I have remember now : Directory Opus.
I remember have a trial.
The program I ask is not for me. Is for a linux lover that only uses folders for organizing and need decompressed. I have many programs in compressed modes and don't need decompress.


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