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010 Editor 25% off through September 2013


Sweetscape is celebrating the 10th anniversary of 010 Editor by giving a 25% discount on new purchases and upgrades through the month of September.

This makes a single user license $97.46 for commercial purposes and $37.46 for home/academic use.

010 editor is not likely to replace your favorite text editor for programming (I continue to use Kedit and EditPad Pro for that), but the latest version is more than adequate as a text editor.  What sets it apart is that it can edit just about anything on one's computer, including binary files, disk sectors and even in-memory processes. It works well with, and converts between, many data types, and allows users to create templates to handle any it does not know.

It integrates nicely into the Explorer context menu and is very fast, even with huge files, which is why it has become my go to editor for most ad-hoc file viewing and editing.  Although I have only used it on Windows, it also runs on Mac OS-X and Linux (Ubuntu 10.4+).

010 Editor is on BitsDuJour today  (Oct. 3, 2013) at $19.95 for a home/academic license and $49.95 for a commercial license.

010 Editor is again available today at BDJ for $19.95 for home/academic, $49.95 for a commercial license.

Among other things, Version 6 adds full regex support across all find operations and a 64-bit executable.  It is also very, very fast, even on huge files.

As noted in my original post, this is not my main text editor for programming or writing, but it is an indispensable tool that I use nearly every day because of its ability to view, analyze and edit ANY file and its shell integration that makes it easy to do so.  That said, the current version is capable enough that I could use it as my primary editor if I were not wedded to Kedit and EditPad Pro after so many years.

Thanks xtabber! It's hard to resist adding another editor to one's collection... very hard...  :D

Trying it out here, the interesting feature to me is how flexible binary templates appear to be.

My staple hex editor is HIEW, which may look a bit antiquated, but once you get to know it, is amazing for working with executables.


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