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Drive gets lost / disappears



First of all, I just want to say that I love FARR, have been using it for a couple of years, and want to congratulate mouser and any other contributors on a great piece of software.

I'm having a problem with FARR (in fact I've always had this problem), and it was kind of bugging me today, so I figured I'd ask--I'm not sure if it's a bug or user issue.  Some background: I have farr installed as a portable app.  My machines typically have a K: drive that's unencrypted, and a Q: drive that's encryped (it's a Truecrypt drive).  My FARR search folders contain both K:/Apps and Q:/Apps.  My problem is that each time I restart my machine (and hence FARR) the Q:/Apps gets changed to K:/Apps (so that there are 2 K:/Apps entries in the search folders).

All other search folders (on both the K and Q drives) are correctly saved--the only problem occurs with the folders described above.  Is there an issue in which FARR gets confused by identically named directories that are on different drives?

My workaround is to edit that particular search folder entry each time I restart, but that's a bit of a pita, and I'm hoping that someone has a more permanent solution.


That sounds like FARR is trying to be smart and fix up the drive letter for searching.  What it *thinks* is happening is that Q drive is a portable drive and is changing it's letter.

Let me add an option to FARR to disable this behavior.  Stay tuned for a beta update in a day or so.

OK--thanks for confirming that it's a software issue.  I'll give the beta a try as soon as I see it.

Please keep in mind that the solution should hopefully still support a portable drive. i.e. The K: drive is portable, and the Q: drive is also portable in the sense that it is a truecrypt drive on K:

Anyhow, thanks again for all your efforts.



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