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Tech Startup Bootcamp


Just stumbled across this:

Sounds like a crazy, wild, amazing chance for anyone looking for a massive change, though I think it's better suited to someone younger - bootcamp/startup/etc.

* More than 300 hours of instruction, mentoring, and assisted project work.
* Weekend excursions to the mountains, the beach, and maybe even the desert.
* Access to a world class team of mentors and workshop facilitators that have generated millions of dollars in sales, sold their companies, gone public, and are young icons of entrepreneurship in technology, design, and finance.
* Guidance in generating income while you are in Chile.
* A life changing experience in a genuine community discovering yourself and figuring out how to shape the future.
* Three months of co-working & mentoring at Exosphere after the Bootcamp is over!
* Ask us about affordable accommodation options in Santiago--we'll help you out!
The list of instructors there seems pretty heavy duty.

Doesn't it say that the final deadline is 2013-08-23?

Drat. Missed that. Guess anyone interested needs to wait till next year.


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