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Can someone extract these swf files.


Hello folks,
     i want to request to anyone who is very good at extracting swf file that is being played at the browser. Although i have downloaded couple of swf files by viewing the Page source and copy/paste the link to a new browser and ( save the page as): seems to do the trick. But some swf video file seems to be encrypted. Like when i do the procedure mentioned above it downloads the swf video file, but when i dis-connect the net and try to play the swf video it say its stolen and refuses to play further and redirects a user to its website.

Here is one link: its a STICK VIDEO, hope you know the STICK character.
I have managed to download this swf video but it says, its STOLEN, can anyone know the process to extract the clean swf file.

hmm no one know's about how to download this ecrypted swf video files, its pretty puzzling come to see .
Well anyone holler if you think you can help.

Look up or search for Castle 3B on youtube.
Those should be downloadable.

Yeah that is the other option i had in my mind, but the reason behind downloading the swf video was to take some snapshot of the clips as it played.
Some action are pretty cool. If you know what i mean.


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