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Newbie question: how to save copy of selection to a new clip


Eh ...
Surely there is a simple solution..

Say I want to copy only a part from the clipboard main window, which may be handy in some cases, e.g. type/serial/phonenumbers,
How to save that to a new clip?

Example: in the below I select the word 'part'  - click on copy to clipboard - then a new entry to show up with just that word, which may then be used for future purposes
a) easier to find in the list
b) no need select it from the original clip where the word might be somehwere in a longer text (no need to search)




Here's how you would do it with current version:

* Select the text in the current clip you want to use, hit Ctrl+C to copy it to clipboard.
* Hit the leftmost button icon (white page with plus on it) on the toolbar to create a new clip.
* Hit Ctrl+V to paste the copied text into the new clip.
Note also that if you just want to CHANGE the current clip and edit it, you may do so freely in that edit memo -- any changes you make their will be saved to the existing clip.



Right! thanks!
Didn't think of this solution.


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