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Did Microsoft put a mole in Nokia?

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Microsoft didn't place Elop at Nokia.

Nokia's management hired Elop from Microsoft because they knew that they needed to replace Symbian with something that might be around next year, and they were afraid that if they went with Android, they'd be crushed by the competition, namely Samsung, HTC and all the cheap Chinese phone makers.   So they grabbed whoever was available at Microsoft with the idea that maybe Windows Phone could actually compete against Android and iOS in the marketplace.  Elop was probably the best they could come away with, because Microsoft didn't care enough to try and keep him.

It was a bad bet for Nokia, and they paid the price.

According to this NY Times article, Nokia had been experimenting with Android and had it up and running on Lumia handsets.  This while Elop was CEO! That might have been one (but certainly not the only) factor pushing Microsoft to buy Nokia and put it out of its misery.


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