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The comprehensive IRIX audio software list


Many old IRIX workstations still make a pretty decent audio workstation today.

The SGI Octane for example, has a mere 3ms audio input-to-output latency out of the box, and they come with Alesis ADAT 8-channel, 24-bit optical ports are built-in, along with S/PDIF or AES/EBU optical and coaxial ports.

On top of that, there is quite a big list of audio software for the platform out there, many of it still relevant and very usable today. By default Irix comes with a pretty decent mutitrack recording program. Hunting down all the Irix audio software is a bit tricky. Whomever said nothing ever gets deleted from the internet obviously never has researched old obscure stuff :)

There's a list on sgi's old ftp that's rotting away. It is ridden with broken links and it's own pages don't even link to one another correctly anymore, and I have a feeling one of these days it's going to just vanish completely as SGI/rackable is dropping it's legacy IRIX support this year.

So I started copying the list and reformatting it on the reddit /r/IRIX subreddit wiki:

There's some pretty fascinating software in that list.


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