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Screenshot thread!

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Here's a fairly vanilla one :)

Screenshot thread!

IRIX has a neat user interface. A pity that people today prefer weirdnesses like Unity.

Anyone of you tried OpenCDE yet?

I haven't tried OpenCDE but I have tried the actual CDE port to GNU+Linux.

The sourcecode for CDE has been released a while back, which has prompted some people to start porting it.
OpenCDE predates the opening of the actual CDE code iirc.

The source can be had here:

The porting to non-solaris platforms is still in a 'beta' stage, but it should be usable.

I tried building it on PC-BSD 9.1 a few months ago. I failed to start it. I guess there are still a couple of issues to be solved...

I failed to start it.

--- End quote ---
You should be able to. I know it runs fine on FreeBSD.
It is rather picky about certain things. For example, it won't start if your system hostname is not correctly in your /etc/hosts


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