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A new section for Linux, cross-platform code, embedded, mac, android, ios, etc.

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WINE itself would count, because it is software intended to run on a non-windows system.  Discussing things like how to make [software package] run on WINE may be a gray area, and (in my opinion) MUCH better discussed on the WINE boards.  Software that runs on WINE... read the section heading and do the math.

I would also say that discussion of cross-platform software here would be best limited to it's performance on non-Windows systems. 
For example, discussing Firefox in general would be more appropriate on the main software board.  Running Firefox on Haiku would be preferably discussed here.

Why should cross-platform software (like Firefox) behave so different on Haiku that it should get a separate subforum?

People!  The management announced a new area.  Instead of kvetching about it and trying to microdefine it to death, why not post something relevant?!?  You got Linux?  Post Linux-ish.  You got BSD?  Post BSD-ish. You got OS/2?  Post OS/2-ish.  This thread is on page two (2), approaching page three (3), and I've yet to see anything productive posted save for the initial announcement and a few desktops.  Quit trying to micromanage it and start posting.  If you get outside the section parameters, I'm certain that someone will so inform you.  In the meantime, quit trolling.

quit trolling
-barney (August 31, 2013, 09:24 PM)
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