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A new section for Linux, cross-platform code, embedded, mac, android, ios, etc.

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I thought we might try adding a new section of the forum specifically for discussion of non-Windows software (and hardware), so here it is!

I know we have lots of people on DC that love linux, embedded hardware like Raspberry Pi, mac, android and ios, and it's probably time we had a special section for such discussions.  It would also be a good place to discuss cross-platform software, and may also be a good place to discuss non-windows related hardware.

Don't be shy about posting here -- it may take a little while for this section to reach critical mass.

The lengths you will go to just to get me to post... :D


Can I add my +1 to a Linux and Android section?

No need for any more +1s, the section has already been added and we're in it :)


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