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AutoIt limitations

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The most useful tool i have is my CRM Goldmine 5.5
Some time ago I ask a good friend of mine to make me a script with a suggested name : linkfolder
And he did me a marvellous script.
Is a script basically only I can use in all his possibilities. Because is used in combination with my goldmine 5.5.
But he tells me that a feature I would like to have was not possible with AutoIt capabilities and invite me to ask to other programmers about possible solutions.
That is exactly what i am doing now.
i have the code and put here.
LinkFolder can read folders and subfolders and make links to my goldmine in different ways. For me is important to document steps and thoughts.
Offers me a rapport of preselect folders and archives i can link.
But some times i need to retire some of those folders and archives. the affected screen don't accept multiple selection option. So in a preselected screen with a pair of thousand files is very unconfortable deleted the unwanted ones.
I refer to the control or shift multi selection capabilities.
Initially we have the additional problem that when i delete an item goes allways to the first item. In a long list was very unconfortable. But this is solved.

What Would I like ? multi select option screen capabilities with some trick, some lines of code in any language we can add. AHK is brother of AutoIt.

I only upload the main script. But i have all if necessary. (edited, the rar contains all modules and the ini file)
All alternative solution is welcome.
what i need basically is a quick selection system

Best Regards

The password of the rar file is : autoit

Edited 11.09.2013.18.08 to attach the last version LinkFolder

I am here again. I have more information. This is what we need.
I put the translated conversation and the original in spanish :

"The target in autoit is a GUI window that allows elements multiple selection and from the same program we can obtain anyway the elements selected by the user. Until now I have tried :
The AutoIt control lists command (GUICtrlList) don't seem to admit the multiple selection elements and I haven't got any additional information in that sense.
There is a second list type (GUICtrlListView y GUICtrlListViewItem) that visually admits multiple selection, but the problem is about the autoit function to read the selected elements from the lists (GUICtrlRead) only return the first element. So even in the case you select multiple elements after you can't know from the program how many or which are the selected elements. In the example in the autoit documentations happen the same problem.
So is a question is if exists another type list that admits the multiple selection and obtain information about the selected elements by the user, or any other way not documented of the function GUICtrlRead to obtain the selected elements from the lists GUICtrlListView, or if any programmer knows any real example (because the example in the autoit documentation don't work for me)"

"El objetivo es hacer, en AutoIt, en una ventana de GUI una lista que permita la selección de múltiples elementos y que el mismo programa de AutoIt pueda saber u obtener de alguna manera los elementos seleccionados por el usuario. Hasta ahora lo que se sabe y se ha probado es lo siguiente:
El control de listas de AutoIt (GUICtrlList) no parece admitir la selección de múltiples elementos, dado que no se ha conseguido encontrar nada al respecto en la documentación de AutoIt ni buscando en Internet.
Existe un segundo tipo de lista (GUICtrlListView y GUICtrlListViewItem) que *visualmente* sí admite la selección múltiple, pero el problema es que la función de AutoIt que sirve para leer los elementos seleccionados de las listas (GUICtrlRead) únicamente da el primer elemento seleccionado, tanto si hay un único elemento seleccionado, como si hay múltiples elementos. Con lo cual, aunque se puedan seleccionar múltiples elementos en la pantalla, luego no hay forma de saber desde el programa cuántos o cuáles son los elementos seleccionados. En el ejemplo de la documentación de AutoIt ocurre este mismo problema.

Después de esto, se trataría de preguntar si existe algún otro tipo de lista que sí admita la selección múltiple y que permita obtener la información de los elementos seleccionados por el usuario, o si es que hay que utilizar de alguna forma concreta (y no documentada...) la función GUICtrlRead para obtener los elementos seleccionados de las listas GUICtrlListView, o si alguien sabe o tiene un ejemplo (que funcione, no el de la documentación de AutoIt que tiene el fallo de que GUICtrlRead usando con una lista de tipo GUICtrlListView únicamente da el primer elemento) para ver como se hace lo de obtener los datos de los elementos seleccionados.

Es lo que se me ocurre... "


ChooseFileFolder - Single and multiple selections from specified path tree structure

Tell your friend to look at Example 5 within ChooseFileFolder_Example_1.au3

ChooseFileFolder - Single and multiple selections from specified path tree structure

Tell your friend to look at Example 5 within ChooseFileFolder_Example_1.au3
 (see attachment in previous post)
-4wd (September 07, 2013, 11:12 PM)
--- End quote ---

I have tell i have several utilities in AHK that allows me to select several files or folders.
I think you are telling me that now.
I will communicate and continue.
He is finishing now a program for a clinic and I have to wait.


He does. Thank you very much 4wd.

His answer after reading your link was :

"Don't worry , I think I got a possible solution. Exist a command "GUICtrlListView" that fails and only gives the first selected element besides exists several, but there is also a third list called "_GUICtrlListView" (independent and with different functions to "GUICtrlListView") that HAVE the needed Characteristics !!!!!!!

It don't be late tha I will have a new version of the program"
in spanish :
"No te preocupes, me parece que ya tengo una posible solución. Resulta que hay una lista que es "GUICtrlListView", que es la que falla y sólo da el primer elemento seleccionado aunque haya varios, pero también hay una tercera lista llamada "_GUICtrlListView" (independiente y con funciones distintas de "GUICtrlListView"), que sí tiene las características necesarias.

No tardaré en tener una nueva versión del programa que utilice el control "_GUICtrlListView", a ver que tal funciona :)   "


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