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Microsoft demands default email be Outlook. I can't change this.

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In Windows/Microsoft, I have tried to change my preferred e-mail client from Outlook to AOL, but the place for creating changes stubbornly will not untick any of the boxes.

Any suggestions? Maybe even a suggestion on how to untick each and every box? I am following these steps:

Control Panel Home > Default Programs > Set Default Programs > Microsoft Office Outlook

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

Does AOL even offer a stand-alone mail client that you CAN make the default?  As in, a client that is non-browser based?  If so, does it show up in the list of programs (on the left side of the Set Default Programs window) you can choose from?

Not sure about AOL - I can access my AOL email through Internet Explorer, as well as through AOL (the actual bloatware program). As for a list of programs showing up on the left side of the "Set Default Programs" window --- there is no list. Nothing at all to choose from.

If you don't have an eligible replacement program installed - or Windows can't find it - it won't appear as a choice for default app.

AOL isn't recognized as a standalone e-mail app as skwire hinted earlier.

If you had something like Thunderbird or similar installed, you should be allowed to switch to it.

I don't think "none" is an option for the defaults. If you don't pick something, Microsoft will use its own products as the defaults.

I wonder if it would be possible to make a little utility that is eligible to register itself as a default mail handler, and which could invoke a browser-based mail thing like aol or gmail (presumably by opening a url with the recipient in the url)?  Might have some limitations such as not being able to carry over the body of the message, but that might not be important for most uses?


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