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Showing CPU core temperature(s) in system tray

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In this thread we talked about freeware tools to show multiple hard drive temperatures in the system tray (I settled on Crystal DiskInfo).

In that thread, the utility "RealTemp" was mentioned.  While it doesn't display hard drive temperatures, I recently came across it again while looking for a tool to show cpu temperatures in the system tray.

RealTemp does a very nice job of showing cpu core temperatures in the system tray and is free.

One nice feature is it can show a separate tray icon listing the temperature of each cpu core, OR it can show the max temp of all cores -- a nice alternative.

I find Monitoring the temperatures of hds and cpu can be quite useful if you are worried about overheating.

I don't monitor CPU temps much these days but when I did I found it useful to take a screenshot of the window displaying all the temps esp. on a new (idling) machine. That way I could tell how things were holding up a few months down the line.

I've been using Open Hardware Monitor. It's not in the tray, but is pretty good.

I've got Core Temp running on a 24/7 machine.

The three readings are: Load, Frequency, Temperature

They also have an Android app so you can monitor it from anywhere.

Stoic Joker:
I've been using Open Hardware Monitor. It's not in the tray, but is pretty good. (August 29, 2013, 06:03 AM)
--- End quote ---

Damn! ...And no install required - Me Like!

But what is the 0CT103 trying to tell me? It says I can rename it, but I've not a clue what it is.


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