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Extension List Dumper (Firefox add-on) - Quick overview.

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There was at one time an extension called "Fx InfoLister" that did the above. The author decided not to continue the extension back when Mozilla initially put Add-ons Review Team concept in place and they were exceedingly stringent. They wanted him to do a lot more than he felt it was worth since his extension really did nothing but read the extension list and put it into a few different formats for you to save or print. A shame as it was a nice and light but useful add-on.


It should be noted that I actually have two "addon listers": The mentioned Extension List Dumper, and one that is part of the QA/Automation/Projects/Addons/NightlyTesterTools: >Nightly Tester Tools :: Add-ons for Firefox<

Menu Bar > Tools > Nightly Tester Tools:

-but I don't like the overcrowded design of the output:

List of Extensionsabout:addons-memory 8
Adblock Plus 2.4.1
Add to Amazon Wish List Button 1.10
Add to Search Bar 2.2
Auto Context
Auto-Sort Bookmarks 2.3
Back to Top 7.0
Bulk Image Downloader
CoLT 2.6.1
Copy Plain Text 2 1.2.1
Copy Urls Expert 2.2.1
Download Statusbar 0.9.10
DownloadHelper 4.9.21
Downloads Context Menu 1.5
DownloadStudio Integration 9.0 [DISABLED]
Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express 7.22
Exit Button Firefox 0.4.2
Extension List Dumper 1.15.2
FastestFox 5.2.1
Flagfox 4.2.17
Google Reverse Image Search 1.0
Greasemonkey 1.15
Hola Unblocker 1.2.747 [DISABLED]
IE View 1.5.6
Image Toolbar 0.6.14
InFormEnter 0.76
Interclue 1.6.3
Lazarus: Form Recovery 3.2
Memory Restart 1.15
MyBookmarks 0.6.13
NextPlease 0.9.2 [DISABLED]
Nightly Tester Tools 3.7
Open In RegEdit
Pale Moon Commander 1.3.4 [DISABLED]
QuoteURLText 1.0.9b
RAM Tab 1.0
Readability 2.4
resolveip2 0.2.rev3 [DISABLED]
Restartless Restart 9
Resurrect Pages 2.0.6
RightToClick 2.9.5
Save File to 2.5.1 [DISABLED]
Save Session
Search Site 4.2
Self-Destructing Cookies 0.4.3
Stylish 1.4.1
Tab Mix Plus
Text to Voice 1.10 [DISABLED]
Textarea Cache 0.8.10
TryAgain 3.4.6
Undo Bookmarks Menu 1.7
Unsorted Bookmarks Folder Menu 3.0.1
VTzilla 1.5
WikiLook 2.7.0
YouR IP 0.3.1 [DISABLED]


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