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clearly they're going to have to add a k to the spelling of dictionary...

Stoic Joker:
clearly they're going to have to add a k to the spelling of dictionary...-Target (August 28, 2013, 07:25 PM)
--- End quote ---

+1 - :D

Dont see the problem :P
They're all words in everyday use (somewhere). Why not include them?

I guess the negativity is to do with the dumbing down of language (and entertainment, and maybe even life in general...).

I just read a book a while ago about Shakespeare (by Bill Bryson). English was in a state of flux around 1600, changing towards what we know today. Spelling was unbelievably flexible, and based on local pronunciation - at a time when English dialects would have been a lot stronger than today (and I'd have trouble with a lot of them today). Anyways, Shakespeare 'created' hundreds of words, and changed the use of many others. He started using nouns as verbs, verbs as nouns, etc etc (my memory for details is apalling, especially when it comes to grammar). I suppose the danger now is that although there's new words being added, I suspect there's a lot more words falling out of use - everyday use, at any rate.
And if that trend accererates, yeah, then we'll have a nice, eh, simple language ;-)


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