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Our friends over at MakeUseOf asked us to help spread the word about some very nice resources on their site, and I'm more than happy to do so.

The site regularly posts unique, fun and cool DIY articles.  They were one of the first sites to do a real exploration of my Flipbook Printer software.

Anyway, they've put up a terrific collection of guides and cheat sheets on a huge variety of topics -- there's something for everyone there -- experts and beginners alike. Well worth a look.
Note that all of these are free to download but makeuseof requires you to sign up to get a download key (similar to the way we do things).  The MakeUseOf homepage is also a daily blog that is definitely worth putting on your daily visit or rss watch list.

Hi mouser,
I have Makeuseof in my feedly RSS list. Love them.  I thought he removed the password from the PDF files.  It is suprisingly easy to guess :-)

MUO is a great site. They have much the same spirit as this site.

Wow. That's a pretty impressive set of guides and cheat sheets.

Scrolling down, I saw this:

Couldn't help but read "POX"! ;D


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