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Difference between two files' time/date

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Here's the idea:  Window comes up with two sub-windows on left and right.

Drag a file to the inside left sub-window.

Drag another file to the inside right sub-window.

Click Okay.

Up pops amount of time (absolute) between the two files.  ('Modified' file time/date preferred.)

Nicholas Kormanik

I think I can help you out. I should have something for you either later today or tomorrow.  ;)

Just to make sure I am clear, when you say absolute, you me how much time between the file dates in days, hours, etc., correct?

Fantastic, c.gingerich.  Yes, by "absolute" I mean it shouldn't matter which file is placed first or second, either can be newer or older, or the same.

Without absolute value, if newer file is placed first, the result would be a negative number.

I see no problem giving a negative number, if it makes programming any easier.  But I'm guessing most people would like to simply see a positive number (absolute value).

By the way, regarding my request here, I am primarily interested in the TIME difference between the two files.  In a single folder (subdirectory) output is being generated -- 16,000 files -- the whole process takes around three hours.  I'd like to be able to see that total time taken by using such a program as I request -- put in the first-created file, and the last-created file, press enter, presto, roughly total time of the entire process.

There is an initial file in that folder that is from a "pre-process," with an earlier time/date.  So simply grabbing the earliest date and the most recent date wouldn't give the desired answer.

Thanks a bunch!

Here ya go. I hope it is what you requested.

Run CompTime.exe, drag and drop one file at a time (or browse for files) and the time difference will be automatically calculated and show in status bar at the botom of the window. You can keep changing the files by dropping or selecting and the difference will be automatically calculated each time. The time difference will be displayed in HH:MM:SS format only up to 24 hours difference in time.


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