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Nonplussed - Windows 7 random BSODS

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Carol Haynes:
Totally confused ... asked to fix a Dell computer which is constantly crashing with BSODS and pretty randomly.

It is a Dell desktop running Windows 7 x64.

Tried all the usual things and gave up and reinstalled the factory image. Everything seemed OK but next day the BSODS started again.

Had the computer in my house:

1) Reinstalled factory image again
2) Removed crapware/ Norton etc.
3) Updated from Windows update and all drivers/BIOS/software updates recommended by Dell
4) Installed MSE  and other common tools
5) Ran stress tests and memory tests for 48 hours.
6) Produced Image Backup of system

No logged errors and no BSODS throughout.

Took it back to owner and BSODS start again almost immediately.

Removed everything except screen keyboard and mouse and BSOS continue to appear at random.

Anyone got any ideas?

The commonest STOP codes are 0x1e, 0x7d and 0x3b but they all seem to be random. Most hint at driver issues but they are factory drivers and don't seem to cause issues in my house. All very odd!

Dell? Look into graphic cards and 64-bit compatibility. Just an observation from personal experience.

Carol Haynes:
Worked fine for a couple years?

Well, with the Dell that I have I found that the 32-bit system is fine, but the 64-bit OS just blows on it. It's one avenue to look into.

My biggest problem was with working with a monitor attached to the laptop - constant BSODs. It's ok without a monitor attached, but... well, it might help as a clue to whatever problem you're seeing. Not sure.

Check the power-source (low voltage? ), and possibly new office-equipment sending out 'bad vibes' over AC-power.


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