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does dimscreen work under vista?


dimsreen works well for me on xp, thank you
and also,i infer from another post,  on win7.

cross-country, my nephew has vista on a toshiba laptop
but it is far too bright for his eyes [diabetes].
he has no internet connection and few compu skills.
however, he has friends with both.

before i send the info about dimscreen for them
to d-load, put on usb key, take to his place and install
i'd like to know if it has worked on vista.

much obliged, cheers, mm

I run Vista Home Premium, 32-bit, UAC On, user account.  I downloaded DimScreen.exe and it works for me.

You might also take a look at Fx Software, which offers a range of free "assistive software" applications for people with various visual and other disabilities.  In particular, Dark Screen appears to do the same thing.  I haven't tried that one, but I've tried several of their other offerings, notably Spr-Ot.

thanks, rjbull, that's good to know. also about Fx Software. cheers, mm


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