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Help Proofreading a submission

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epub would be nice thanks so I can read it on my phone, (I hate sitting in front of the computer to read).

Bit busy today, so don't expect anything from me yet.


I'll try. Where's a good link to download from?

To all that are reading, I have updated the dropbox with the latest edits.  Thanks for your help!

Just a question, how would you like corrections/suggestions/etc made?

I hate to say it, but Google Docs where it can be commented against is probably great for something of this length, (the constant refreshes with resultant loss of focus where a PITA with the length of K's book).

Or just a PM with anything?

Or the whole thing with bits highlighted?

I'm not opposed to anything :)  How did you guys set it up for K?  Was it a Google Doc with the contents of the document?  Or was the google doc just a list of the edits?


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