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Help Proofreading a submission

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BTW, both the docx and rtf downloaded were identified as a pdf when they were downloaded here. ie. Contents are PDF not Word or RTF.

Perry set up the Google Docs thing - I'm just having a play with Google Docs now but it seems straight forward.

Log into Google Drive, click Create->Document, paste in your text then you can click the Share button up the top left right, (your other left I meant to say), to enter in gmail addresses in the Sharing settings screen, selecting Can Comment next to them.

They'll then get a link to the document.

Plus you can export in the most common formats which might save on the uploading to DropBox.

Done in regards to sharing the Google Doc, and annoying with the dropbox.  Apparently, unless you download a zip, it autoconverts to pdf.  I don't know when they started doing that- but it's stupid and annoying.

What you have to do to get it to download in the original format is to click on it and let it open as pdf... then in the upper right hand corner, there is a download button- that downloads it in the original format.

I dunno, I got a text file okay...

Just tried it again, epub is OK because it's basically a zip file, txt just gets displayed, and as Wraith has said, docx and rtf are converted to PDF and then sent to you automatically.

I have to cancel the download and choose Direct Download for the original ... that's just retarded.

Oh well, lots easier in GDocs anyway.  ;)

Here's a good site that can convert from just about any format to another:


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