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Help Proofreading a submission

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I'm putting together a submission for an anthology from the Upgraded Kickstarter:

I was looking for some readers- I've finished the first chapter and wanted to get some feedback as I go into the second (looking at 3 chapters, approx 7500 words).

My submission is called 'Forgotten Heroes', and I was wondering if anyone would like to read/give feedback?  Let me know, and I'll e-mail you what I've written.  I will warn you that the first chapter might seem jingoistic, but just hang in there... it's a progression :)

That depends, I'm crap at review stuff, (even simple ones), but if you don't mind me limiting myself to typo/grammar/structure/logic I'll give it a go.

Obligatory Contract: I reserve the right to shoot myself in the head if the going gets too tough.  Failing either eyesight, hand coordination, nerve, or caffeine to accomplish such, I offer to bow out gracefully.  All provided electrons will be returned to their rightful owner.

Dropping you a PM.

Any help at all will be ... well, helpful!  And very much appreciated!  This is the first time I've really tried to publish anything anywhere other than just my site, so I'm a bit nervous :)  I've sent you the link... I'm writing it in Yarny, and it lets you share snippets so I've done it that way.  If you'd rather another format, I can do that too.  And you can post any feedback here.  Thanks again!

To proof/edit I'll need to do it in MS Word. But copying & pasting isn't very hard. ;)


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