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[Outdated] SSC + Dropbox + AutoIT = awesomeness


UPD 2018: Dropbox has permanently and indefinitely disabled Public folders for all users. This has no use anymore.

I didn't know exactly where to post this; move the thread if I was wrong.

The first time I saw ScreenshotCaptor, I wondered how powerful this tool is and why almost nobody uses it. While the second question remains unanswered, we will make use of SC's customization.
This is not a real tutorial (How-to), but rather a way how I did that and some help for you to get more or less the same result.

Note: As of 4th October 2012 registered Dropbox users no longer receive a 'public' folder automatically (read and

As you know SC has 3 ways to upload your screenshot:

* built-in uploader (imageshack /
* ShareX
* Custom Uploader Tool
But I didn't like any of these:
1) I don't want to have my screens to be spread over the Internet by uploading them to all kinds of sites
2) I didn't want to install any additional software
3) Same as 2

...but I had Dropbox. One of many (nowadays) cloud services. Simple and fast. Since I mainly make screenshots to share them (with friends or whoever) I decided to save all screenshots into the dropbox folder.
It was pretty good although not really "user-friendly", because:
1) I had to right-click on SC (which is permanently hidden on my toolbar)
2) then "Explore at screenshot directory",
3) scroll down to the latest screenshot
4) right-click to copy Public link (see note)
5) paste it.

A long, annoying way just to get a link, isn't it? I did that work for every screenshot I wanted to share since February this year until I found out that SC lets you to run a program after capturing.

So I thought why not automatically put a ready link to the clipboard?
It was really simple to do in AutoItw (11 lines, including customization | Source code avaible in the attachment).

How it works:

* You make a screenshot that will be saved in your dropbox folder
* SC runs your script (.exe)
* The script puts a ready-to-paste URL into your clipboard
* ???
How to make it work with Dropbox:

* Make sure you have a Public folder
* Set the screenshot folder to be inside your public folder
* Go to Basic Capturing/Post-capture Options
* Enable "Commandlines to run" and
* Put path to the .exe [space] %file% [space] [your URL / prefix]   (see screenshot in the attachments for an example)D:\GameZone2\Au3\ScreenshotCaptor\ScreenCaptor_1.2_x64.exe %file%
Note: You need to replace the '999999' with YOUR ID and everything afterwards is the path to your screenshot folder.

Enjoy your instant screenshots!

Welcome to the site VADemon, and thank you for sharing!

So just to clarify for others who are not too familiar with dropbox, what's being done here.

This isn't UPLOADING anything.

What's happening is you have configured Screenshot Captor to save into your public dropbox folder on your local pc, and this tool simply creates the url string that would point to a screenshot and copies it to the clipboard, so you can share the link with people.

For people who don't want this done to EVERY capture, a nice addition to the exe would be to give it an option to COPY the file into a configured dropbox directory before doing its thing.  Then configure it as a TOOL in the screenshot captor menu, rather than something run after every capture.  That way you wouldn't have to have all screenshots get saved directly into the public dropbox folder, only those that you ran the tool on, and then rather than have it run after EVERY capture.

You lost me here - It was really simple to do in AutoIt
--- End quote ---
but I'm not working at the solution very hard (bad week at work last week with the promise of worse tomorrow)

I've found this tool useful, but it needs to be running in the tray to auto copy the public link. And it's not something I can add as a tool, I think.

@mouser: Hi, thanks and thank you for a good tl;dr :)
Do you mean to use that as a "3rd party uploading tool" (to move to dropbox+copy URL)? It's a really cool idea, I didn't think about that. With some command line tweaks it could work ;)
And yes, I thought about "bruteforcing" the whole screenshot folder for valid screenshots, but I didn't really care about this (at least yesterday).

@cmpm, what do you mean by the first sentence? Couldn't understand you :/
About dropboxlinker... might be useful, especially when you want to share multiple files/URLs, but most of the time I put single files or .zip archives manually into dropbox so it isn't hard to me to make 2 clicks to get a link. Anyway, different purposes, different programms. (I also doubt one can add it as a tool)

@cmpm, what do you mean by the first sentence? Couldn't understand you :/
-VADemon (August 26, 2013, 05:11 PM)
--- End quote ---

probably my dry sense of humor   :-\


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