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Read all the officially and legally released NSA documents


Lawfare has collected all their commentary and links to the actual released NSA documents on one convenient page.

The NSA Documents: The Entire Series

By Benjamin Wittes
Sunday, August 25, 2013 at 11:07 AM

Our series on the NSA documents now being complete, I thought I would collect all of the posts together in one place. Here are the documents themselves. And here are our seven posts commenting on them:

    The Introduction
    Summary of the October 2011 FISC Opinion
    Summary of the November 2011 FISC Opinion
    Summary of the September 2012 FISC Opinion
    Summary of Statements to Congress
    Summary of the Minimization Procedures
    Summary of the Semi-Annual Compliance Report

Now that the series is done, I will turn to the question of what we should make of this material.
--- End quote ---

Go here to access the page with the links.

I'm working my way through the docs and Lawfare commentaries. Interesting reading. 8)

just a rantHmmm...

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence is declassifying a large group of important documents pertaining to NSA surveillance programs under Section 702 of FISA
--- End quote ---

Having read through ODNI docs and whatnot, it's just pure  :wallbash: nonsense. It's just spin. I'm not buying it.

I read one that denied what had already been illustrated elsewhere and then seemed to beg for money so that they could do MORE surveillance. Pfft! Yeah. Right suck my .

The ONLY value anything the ODNI releases have is to check them against other sources to find out just how much that prick is lying, or how much he is being "the least untruthful".

At this point, you pretty much have to be a complete blithering idiot to take anything from any government as true.

I would trust the Syrian or Iranian state media far more than I would the BBC or MSNBC or whatever. Cripes... North Korea probably publishes more truth than CNN now.

Now, it will be interesting to hear what you have to say after reading through the lies, but I'm not holding my breath.

How can anyone possibly trust habitual, chronic, pathological liars?

Like just how ing stupid are people?


^Ren - I don't think anybody is asking you to buy anything.

I personally think that the more info made available (including spin documents, flat out lies, and official mumbo-jumbo) the better. Because it gives us additional insight into what happened and how it happened.

This is a people problem - not a legal problem.

The more we have to look at, the clearer a picture of what actually went down emerges. And sometimes, a pile of official bullshit illuminates the situation and identifies the real culprits as well as (or better than) an independent exposé.

I'm always willing to give somebody more than enough rope. And they're welcome to either try to pull themselves out of the quicksand - or hang themselves with it - AFAIC. :)

Blah. I just devolve into a blithering idiotic rant every now and then. The calmness set me off. It's like watching some guy beat the tar out of someone while he gives a sermon about non-violence, and then actually engaging in a debate on methods of non-violence while his victim starts to bleed out.

But you're bang on about more rope there. I just wish for once that prosecutors would do their jobs and stop worrying about some kid with a bag of weed or some farmer's eggs not being to their liking.


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