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Screenshot Captor Early Beta Release: v4.6.4 Beta - Sep 11, 2013

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This circle-endpoint thing is really useful, thanks!

One thing that often confuses me:
If you choose the style of the start-/endpoint *before" you actually draw the line, at the first line the endpoint is unaffected from the setting.
It's not a big problem because with some extra clicking you can change this but I'm always stepping in that same trap.
This is what I mean:

I tried the new version and the option to auto select next file after deletion is working for me. This is a big improvement for me as my screenshot directory can have many files and previously it was a pain after deletion to have the arrow keys cause the selection to jump to the top of the list, then have to scroll all the way back to where I was in the list.

Any chance incorporating the request in this next release that someone made previously to have the arrow keys move / nudge the cursor cross-hairs in Grab Selected Region mode? Also to have the cross-hairs themselves made more visible, i.e. a solid line as opposed to a dashed line. I sometimes have a hard time seeing the dashed line, a solid line would be more visible. A solid line would need to use some sort of inverse color when moving over lighter and darker backgrounds.

Keep up the good work.

It seems this update fixes the problem with regional settings: I've set my machine to half a dozen different country settings, and ScreenShotCaptor correctly starts up and preserves settings e.g. the position of the main window (haven't tested further, though).

While I'm at it, I want to report a slight but visually annoying case issue: in the "copy to clipboard" menu on the systray icon, the word "bitmap" starts with an uppercase "B" whereas all other choices are in lowercase. Similarly, in the "To clipboard" menu of the post-capture dialog, "Image" and "File" start with an uppercase letter, whereas "path "starts with a lowercase "p." This should be aligned IMVHO.


Thanks for pointing out the inconsistencies; they will be fixed in next release.

Well, to be more consistent, shouldn't it just be referred to as "Image" instead of "Image bitmap", or "Image / region Bitmap", or "Bitmap"? Bitmap to me implies a *.bmp filetype. If you don't have bitmap set as your default image filetype, then it could be confusing. Why not just refer to it as "Image" in the Edit>Copy to Clipboard menu and Post Capture Options settings?

Did you happen to see my post above about enabling use of hte arrow keys and changing the cross hair and box color during selection?


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