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Screenshot Captor Early Beta Release: v4.6.4 Beta - Sep 11, 2013

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looks like you need to re-download (or i need to re-upload).

looks like you need to re-download (or i need to re-upload).
-mouser (August 25, 2013, 03:54 PM)
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So, I did.


thanks again for the updates! for me, the new quick-search-bar takes the cake! :Thmbsup:

The search bar is a great addition  :Thmbsup:

However, I get unexpected behavior. For example, if I search for 01_08_13 (this is for images that were created on 1st August 2013 and had the date as part of the name), I also seem to get a copy of the another image.  In the attachment below the 'unwanted' image was from 15th August and after I took the screenshot of SSC it refreshed the panel and replaced the incorrectly included image with the latest image I had just taken!

Can anyone else reproduce this or is it just my set-up?

[Edit]: If I type total random garbage into the search bar the same image shows up.

I think you'll find that the "random" image that shows up is the currently loaded image.

In other words, it will always list the currently loaded image, even if it doesn't match the search.


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