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Screenshot Captor Early Beta Release: v4.6.4 Beta - Sep 11, 2013

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Early beta to try:

Let me know how it works.

v4.6.4 BETA - September 11, 2013

* [Feature] Added new shape option for arrows (circle endpoints).
* [Feature] New quick-search-bar for easy filtering of screenshots listed in thumbnail panel (see view menu).
* [Feature] Added File menu item to close current file and have nothing loaded.
* [Feature] You can now sort standard thumbnail sidebar with newest at top if you like.
* [Feature] New option (enabled by default) to auto-select next file after deletions.
* [Feature] New option (Print tab) to invert colors of printouts (maybe useful if printing mostly black images on laser printer).
* [Feature] New help panel when in object editing mode (you can disable this new behavior from the Object Drawing options tab).
* [Feature] The Caption toolbar button will now help you EDIT an existing caption, replacing and resizing the existing caption text object.
* [Feature] New item in Object menu to remove an existing caption.
* [Improvement] If user accidentally loads a second instance, the error message and behavior is clearer.
* [Improvement] SC now remembers sorting column+direction in list/detail thumbnail sidebar modes.
* [Improvement] Improved sizing of columns in different detail view modes; new simple left hand list mode.
* [Improvement] When set to stay minimized after capture, if SC was onscreen when capture initiated, it would jump to front and not always relinquish foreground window after completion.  Note that the SC window does return to the screen and not minimize if it was on screen when capture initiated.
* [Improvement] Better support for dragging and dropping images from other programs (especially web browser) onto main window.
* [Improvement] Starting your word in the new screenshot filter edit box with ~ will show files that do NOT match what it typed next.
* [Improvement] Caption dialog form now has a multiline memo for the caption text.
* [Change] Iff multiple images are selected, the toolbar delete button will now delete all instead of just the current image.
* [Change/Bugfix] Line/Arrow labels with "no-border" mode set could sometimes show a border; now the no-border option shows no border and draws label text directly over existing background.
* [BugFix] Print preview settings (margins, orientation, etc.) triggered from post-capture dialog were not being synchronized with main print preview settings.
* [BugFix] If you brought up Print setup dialog, and from their print properties dialog, it could be hidden behind main window.
* [BugFix] Fixed case where the last file might not be loaded (or scrolled down to) at start of program.
* [BugFix] The fix to keep printer setup dialog on top was messing with other forms appearing behind main window.
* [BugFix] When SC was on screen at time of initiating capture, sometimes the current foreground window was not preserved as focused window (and did not show up in capture as an active window).
* [BugFix] If a modal message was showing, it was possible to toggle main form visible or initiate a capture, hiding the modal message.
* [BugFix] Redbox (scrolling and object capture modes) were not obeying the stay-minimized-after-capture options.
* [BugFix] Choosing an object (like arrow) to draw, and changing properties BEFORE drawing, was not obeying new settings.
* [BugFix] Fixed an error that could occur when using network paths for home/screenshot/config directories.

[Change] Iff multiple images are selected, the toolbar delete button will now delete all instead of just the current image.

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this works with the delete key too

After deleting, selection jumps to next newest shot  :Thmbsup:

[Improvement] Added new shape option for arrows (circle endpoints).
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Cool, I don't think I've seen this option till now, or even noticed the text border's options - box, round box, ellipse and none.

Works nicely now with regard to deleting files: focus moves to the file/thumbnail below the deleted one (newest is to bottom of panel).
Multiple file delete works the same way. I'm happy :-)

(I used the install version)


After deleting, selection jumps to next newest shot
--- End quote ---

i think it's jumping to the older when a newer is not in the thumbnails

thanks, tomos, posting at the same time as you were


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