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DONE: Change (sub) folder(s) date based on newest/oldest file in the folder

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@4wd - long time no talk - hope you are fine.

In Opus v.12.0.4beta  I noticed that setfoldate does not redate the folder
the same way as in v11

=Opus v11=
Opus v11

=Opus v12 beta=
SetFolDate on Opus v12

Any suggestions?


Any suggestions?-dcwul62 (April 17, 2016, 01:51 AM)
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Yes, repeat after me:

"SetFolDate is a program that has nothing to do with a script, which is actually what I'm talking about."

Apart from that, I haven't installed DOpus 12b because I don't have one of these:

DONE: Change (sub) folder(s) date based on newest/oldest file in the folder

I am using this tool (very) often. It works fine in 99,9% of the cases.
The 0,1% is -my- mistake...

Say, I have files like
blablabla-01-28022018 110001.jpg
blablabla-02-28022018 110022.jpg
blablabla-03-28022018 110031.jpg

it will create folder named blablabla

when such folder already exists, it will run into an error - rightfully so.

however, if I am doing this for, let;s say, 100 files or so, I need to hit 'esc' 100x times.

i wonder whether it is possible to adjust the tool in that way that in case a folder already exists,
then that folder should be used.

if it is too much work, too complicated, whatever, forget it.

Sounds like a good idea.

it will create folder named blablabla-dcwul62 (February 28, 2018, 01:55 AM)
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SetFolDate <- Modifies dates of folders, DOES NOT create folders

You need to be explicit because I don't use the program, you're probably the only one who does, I want to know exactly how you're using it.


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