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DONE: Change (sub) folder(s) date based on newest/oldest file in the folder

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Hello again,
The below steps I am doing -very..- often.

In Directory Opus I have a number of items in the context menu (right window pane), that saves files to folders named of the filename.

e.g. I have files like.:
this is file1.txt
this is file2-01-01012014.txt
this is file3-01012014 12:34:56.txt

in the context menu of Opus I have a few commands that will save the files to new folders like:
folder this is my file1
folder this is my file2
folder this is my file3

2nd step is that I use setfoldate to change the dates of the newly created folders to set to newest filedate/

A bit this way

DONE: Change (sub) folder(s) date based on newest/oldest file in the folder

To move files to a folder I use various regex

Create Filenamed Folder to MOVE to... (Date+Time)
Rename REGEXP PATTERN "(.+)(-|\s)(\d{6}|\d{8}|\d{2}-\d{2}-\d{4})(-|\s)(\d{6})\.(.+)" TO \1\\\0

Sofar, everything okay.

I doNOT know if the below is possible(!)...

I would like to have the rename syntax (see above) to also include a way that setfoldate is executed default newest file recursive
so I donot need to do the 2nd step.
i.e. when I do a move to folder named after filename, then the folderdate is automatically adjusted.

Is this possible?


Say you're saying that after all the, literally, minutes I spent slaving over its interface, you don't want to see it?

No, I did not say that...  don't get me wrong.
The interface is fine.

What I did ask is if it possible for specific tasks to run it 'silently' (without interface) in combination with the regex.
For all other tasks and users the interface should definitely remain in place.

If not, forget it, I will use the interface, just like I do now.


v0.3.1.3 - Added: Can run in no GUI mode using last saved options.

Here's an example UserCommand for DOpus:

--- Code: Text ---<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><usercommand backcol="none" hide_from_menu="no" textcol="none">        <label>Adjust_Timestamp_NG</label>        <user_label>Adjust_Timestamp_NG</user_label>        <icon1>#usercommand</icon1>        <function type="normal">                <instruction>@dirsonly</instruction>                <instruction>Go {ss}</instruction>                <instruction>&quot;C:\SetFolDate2\SetFolDateFM.exe&quot; /r {ss} {allfile}</instruction>        </function></usercommand>
@dcwul62 - in case it wasn't obvious, my remark about the GUI was the usual dry Aussie humour coming out  ;)

Albeit with a rather obvious grammatical screw-up  :-\


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