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DONE: Change (sub) folder(s) date based on newest/oldest file in the folder

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Just curious to know... any developments?

Also . . . .
* Donot know if it is possible at all *

Say, you have
1) a folder containing some files
2) the folderdate is correct (as per newest file in that folder) e.g. name: "Taxes 2008"   folderdate: 01-01-2008
3) you create a new folder x:\2008
4) that folder has a today's date
5) you move "Taxes 2008" to x:\2008
6) now you wish to have folder x:\2008 to have the newest date of the -folders-  in x:\2008

How to do that?


Just curious to know... any developments?-dcwul62 (December 07, 2013, 02:23 AM)
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Kind of on the back burner, no real developments since playing with a GUI other than you can drag'n'drop files/folders onto it.

I'm nothing if not an accomplished procrastinator ... just ask my wife  ;)

Did you think of a name? Something like the "Ultimate Attribute Changer"   (UAC)  :) :)
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I went with Attribute Mangler, as soon as you write Ultimate anything someone wants to surpass it.  Besides, if I get something wrong it will mangle.

a. a GUI that shows current dates (created/modified/last accessed) and preview of changes before applying
b. an easy way to synchronize dates after created, or modified, or last accessed
c. a randomize dates option: so, you can updated modified dates with randomized dates and times using  a certain period
d. add your update folderdates of course
e. add date-time (userdefined format) to filenames (not really a 'attribute changer'-thing, but maybe it can be added)
f. update modified dates after dates  or  dates/times  in filename  (a difficult one, I know, am not sure if it is possible, there are a lot of combinations)

Maybe also add
- option to simulate?
- log changes, so users can easily 'undo' changes

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You keep adding things to the list, I have to keep modifying the GUI ;D

* Donot know if it is possible at all *
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You mean in SetFolDate?

Easy enough to add - although technically for recursion you'd have to start at the deepest level and work forward so the dates propagate correctly.  I'll have a look at it.


Yes, indeed, I meant the setfoldate (your last question)

Yes, adding things may indeed result in changing the GUI.
I guess that's a kind of thing happening when developing a program :)
It tends to change a lot in the beginning.

well, keeping our fingers crossed for what you will be coming up with one day.

Keep up the good work!


Hello again,
Just curious to know, are there any developments?


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