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DONE: Change (sub) folder(s) date based on newest/oldest file in the folder

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Hello again,

I have attached 2 video files.

The first video shows how things are going when everything is fine.

SetFolDate-01-How it should go-2018-03-17_075841.wmv

In the 2nd video:
- there already exists a folder (that normally SetFolDate would have created)
- but in that folder there are already 2 files, copies  of files that SetFolDate is going to 'handle'
so, when SetFolDate is working, it stumbles over existing files and report an error, rightfully so.
in case of a few files (a few warnings), no problem, but in case of many files.... you have to click 'Skip' many times.

Is there no way to force SetFolDate to overwrite existing files in such a case?

Second video: SetFolDate-02-Crash_2018-03-17_080530.wmv



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